Pipe Welders - Canada - Job 8713, Alberta 2013-01-17 15:54:40 (UTC)

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Alberta, Canada, North America
Career Level:
5 - 10 Years of Experience
High School
Job type:
Full time

Pipe Welders - Canada - Job 8713

About this job
Work Location: Edmonton, AB
Pay Rate:$40.87/hour straight time. Overtime is paid at 1.5x hourly rate, based on a 40 hour work week

Any premiums for Foreman, night Shift, or any others will be paid per the collective agreement.

Site Info:
Modularization yard
-Typically work schedules run Monday to Friday (5-2) day and night shift.
-Dayshift - 7:00AM to 5:30PM
-Nightshift - 5:30PM to 4:00AM

Candidates will be responsible for paying their own accommodations and transportation. As the Edmonton area housing market is expensive with little vacancy, our client has provided 3 options to support with the housing search ($500-$700 per month).

Our client provides initial flight to Canada, and final flight home upon completion of employment. If the employee choses to return home for a vacation during their contract, the employee is responsible to pay for their own flights.
Vacation requests must be approved by your direct Supervisor.


• Must be able to successfully pass Drug and Alcohol test
• Must be able to successfully pass criminal background check
• Must be able to provide verifiable relevant work experience ( x hours )

Job description:
Pipe Welder (B Pressure):
‐ Understand Safety is #1 priority. No exceptions
‐ Quality is #2 priority. We do not want to have repairs.
‐ Understand Weld Procedure
‐ Weld pipe without failures
‐ Use 1/32” – 5/32” size “Stick” Electrode to weld pipe
‐ Use 6010 and 7018 Stick Electrode
‐ Ability to weld on a “roll” positioned where the pipe will turn to allow the welder to always be on the top side.
‐ Ability to weld “in position” where the pipe is stationary, and you need to weld in all positions (overhead, uphand, downhand)
‐ Ability to TIG weld Stainless Steel pipe
‐ Use Fall Arrest equipment (Harness, Lanyard, Lifelines) Training is provided.
‐ Ability to use a Oxy‐Acetylene Cutting Torch
‐ Ability to meet or exceed a 2\% failure rate

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