Welders - B Pressure - Canadian- Job 8876 - CN, Alberta, Canada 2013-02-01 18:59:23 (UTC)

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Alberta, Canada, Canada, North America
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5 - 10 Years of Experience
High School
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Full time
41.76 +

Welders - B Pressure - Canadian- Job 8876 - CN

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Work Must HAVE GOOD EXPERIENCE IN 6010 ROOT! Project Description – Liquefied Gas Plant Process Upgrades **Work Description – Install new Carbon and Stainless pipes of all schedules and size, weld pipe tie-ins to existing piping and equipment Location – Northern Alberta – around 200 employees on site, all trades included. Life Living – during work in a man-camp in Northern Alberta. On rotation out, you receive an allowance so you can travel or you can stay in Edmonton. Travel – daily busing back and forth from to the work site. On rotations, flights are provided back and forth from Edmonton then ground transportation to site. Unionized job site (open shop) – CLAC (clac.ca) Shift – 14 days on, 7 days off Hours per day – 10 hour days (140 hours per shift cycle, 95 Regular time & 45 hours overtime (1.5 times rate)) – this may move to 12 hour shifts. Night shift to be added mid February 4% of base wage for holiday pay; 6% of base wage for vacation pay Paid every week (Friday) ** Union savings and pension plans Tools provided but they need to supply their own PPE (including steel toed boots, long sleeve shirts, and pants or coveralls) CLAC - B Pressure Welder base rate –$41.76 per hour Safety Award - $0.50 per hour group & $0.50 per hour individual Specialized welding premiums - $2 per hour when welding stainless, $3 per hour when welding chrome, $4 per hour when welding titanium All workers are required to have H2S Alive training before going to the work site. This training will be arranged and paid for by the employer. Travel – Flight from Edmonton to the job site provided each rotation; $125 per rotation since principle residence is over 224 km from Edmonton (max allowable). Within Canada, flight allowances depending on province of residence. Premiums: Lead Hand Night shift premium First aid ticket with CPR - .25 per hour Advance first aid - .50 per hour Dual journeyman tickets - $1.00 per hour Leadership for Safety Excellence - .25 per hour Construction Safety Officer - $1.00 per hour ** Union Health Plan ** Union Dental Plan ** Union Prescription Drug Plan ** Extended Plan for family ** Union Short and long term disability plan ** Emergency Travel Plan

Qualifications Must be a recognized Journeyman Welder in Alberta - Red Seal Must possess an Alberta B pressure ticket or be able to get a Client issued C Ticket (pressure welding). Prefer to have people with a construction welding background or a previous B ticket from Alberta.
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