Journymen Pipefitters - Albert Job #9704 & 9706, Alberta 2013-04-24 19:44:11 (UTC)

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Alberta, Canada, North America
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Senior (5+ years of experience)
High School
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Full time

Journymen Pipefitters - Albert Job #9704 & 9706

About this job
Location: The project is located near the communities of Cold Lake and Bonnyville, Alberta Canada

Job Title: Pipefitter
Pay Rate: $43.45 per hour
Rotation: 14 days on/7 days off
Start date: April 30th, May 7th or May 14th
Duration: 2 year minimum,
Accommodations: LOA- Living out allowance $120.00 per diem. The hotels around there are $60 to $70 per room.

Flights: Travel Allowance will be provided.

Steamfitters and pipefitters perform some or all of the following duties:
• Read and interpret drawings, blueprints and specifications to determine layout requirements
• Cut openings for pipe in walls, floors and ceilings using hand or power tools or machines
• Select type and size of pipe required
• Measure, cut, thread and bend pipe to required shape using hand and power tools
• Weld, braze, cement, solder and thread joints to join pipes and fabricate sections of piping system
• Install supports, valves, piping and control systems
• Test system for leaks using testing equipment
• Clean and maintain pipe units and fittings and flush system
• Remove and replace worn components and reactivate system
• May prepare cost estimates for clients.

• 1. Must be a recognized Journeyman Welder in Alberta. If you do not have a Canadian Red Seal, you must apply to Alberta Apprenticeship with the Qualification Certificate Program-Work Experience. In order to qualify as a welder, you need at least 6750 hours or 54 months of verifiable experience.
We will verify your work experience by contacting your current and previous employers.
• 2. Must be legally able to work in Canada.
• This includes having a work permit or permanent residency. To get a work permit at a border crossing (air or land) felony convictions and other serious offenses will make a person inadmissible to Canada. In Canada, this includes DUI and alcohol related offences. You are also likely be stopped if you have a warrant out for your arrest, have pending charges, or a trial in process. Minor offenses, especially if they are more than 5 years old, may be less of a problem but still may not allow someone into Canada.
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