About HKA

HKA Enterprises is a multinational firm with more than 40 years of experience providing premier workforce solutions to blue-chip industry leaders. Key services include contingent labor staffing, direct hire, payroll services, and more for the aerospace and defense, architecture and engineering, automotive, construction, information technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and shipbuilding industries. 

We pride ourselves on our excellent service record. Our people are the difference. From the sales executive to the recruiter to the payroll specialist, we want you and your employees to have a seamless, positive experience with our company and yours.

Customer First

HKA Enterprises encourages building unique programs that meet our customer's project needs. This is what separates HKA Enterprises from other staffing and workforce solutions providers. The "Blank Sheet of Paper" approach gives our customers tremendous flexibility. Our primary objective is to address our customer's "pain" points and rising costs by providing "just in time" resources and funded payroll solutions. We listen to what your "ideal" world would be and do our best to model a program to make the ideal- real.

Industries Served

HKA has more than 40 years of experience serving industries like yours.