Direct Placement & Executive Search

Direct Placement

Excellent Recruiters = Excellent Candidates
The average tenure of our direct placement recruiters is 15+ in the industry. Our recruiters are functional experts in HR, Lean/QA, Engineering, Finance, Management, and Sales/Marketing. Our recruiters go through continual training on how to best screen and assess candidates.

Repeat Customers

Because of the quality of our work, our customers keep coming back. Over 75% of our work is with repeat customers. 

Executive Search

HKA develops systemic best practices through leading technologies to cultivate cultural diversity, organizational upgrading, and functional excellence on clients’ behalf in an ever-evolving global market.

Industry Leading Search Professionals

Our search professionals undergo ongoing internal training to assess and find the best talent. Their average tenure exceeds 15 years in the industry. We have an in-house research department and the best tools available.

Top Performing Operating Metrics

Find top performers. Our fill rate, stick rate, and promotion rates are sky high. Your success is our success. Billings are based on performance milestones.

Quality service though dedication-We limit our search intake