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HKA’s Administrative Employer Services gives you the freedom to scale your business up or down quick

Businesses often over or under pay for worker’s compensation coverage

But you don’t need to take on all of that risk by yourself

HKA Solutions

  • HKA allows you to reduce your workers comp risk by outsourcing your higher class code employees

  • HKA provides the benefits of bundling worker’s comp and payroll

  • The HKA pay as you go model saves you time, effort and provides you with the ability to only pay for the coverage and support you need and eliminates the guesswork with no more surprises or manual oversights

  • HKA allows you to pay in real time and improve your cash flow - use it for opportunities to grow your business

Cost Savings

  • HKA’s services do not incur recruiting or advertising costs. We pass these savings to our customers by offering the services of payrolled workers at reduced markup rates.

  • Insulation from Co-Employment Risks:

    • Because all payrolled personnel are HKA employees, our customers are better insulated from potential co-employment risk

    • Our employer of record services solidify employment relationships and eliminate confusion regarding the contract worker’s actual employer.

    • All employment matters are directed to HKA—our customers’ management is not involved.

You have the Control

  • HKA ensures that all of our payrolled personnel understand that we will terminate employment at any time at the request of our customers.

  • Our payrolled workers adhere to the policies our customers prescribe, including work practices, hours, and overtime.

  • Assumption of Statutory Payroll Liabilities

    • HKA requires its payrolled workers to complete and sign both a W-4 Form and Form I-9 prior to commencing employment.

    • We assume full obligation for withholding all applicable federal and state payroll taxes. We also pay all state and federal unemployment insurance and provide workers’ compensation coverage.

  • Because all associated administrative responsibilities are HKA’s, our customers enjoy a reduction in the paperwork involved when hiring contract workers.

    • HKA can access its accounting and payroll databases to generate customized reports that comply with customer specifications.

    • In addition to alleviating administrative tasks and insulating you from co-employment risks, our services save you money and time, and give you more control.

Contact us today to learn how HKA can deliver cost savings that can be reinvested into your business for future growth.

Reg Greiner


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