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HKA Enterprises Receives Agile-1’s Spirit of Alliance Award

HKA Enterprises, a global workforce solutions firm, is proud to announce that on May 12, 2016, the company received Agile-1’s Spirit of Alliance Award for supplier excellence. The award was presented to Bruce Clayman, Executive and Board Member of HKA Enterprises, at Agile-1’s fourth annual US Customer Forum and Supplier Excellence Summit held at the Georgian Terrace in Atlanta, Georgia.

“As an award-winning managed services provider, the success of our programs is built upon the outstanding performance and dedication of companies like HKA Enterprises,” said Peter Carvalho, President of Agile-1. “Although they operate in a fiercely competitive market, these companies support our clients each day with an unwavering commitment to quality and service. Their actions, not words, demonstrate why they are the best of the best in the staffing world.”

Jaideep Majumdar, Associate Vice President of Agile-1, added the following about the company’s supplier management program, “Over the past several years, we have introduced new initiatives such as our Valued Supplier Program and Known Supplier Program to encourage competition, and at the same time, provide reciprocal value in the form of growth opportunities for our outstanding suppliers. As a result, our clients and suppliers alike are enjoying the benefits of this program evolution.”

HKA Enterprises has been a strategic partner of Agile-1 for more than 10 years. The Spirit of Alliance Award embodies the commitment of both HKA Enterprises and Agile-1 to promote social responsibility. In 2014, HKA received the Supplier of the Year Award. In 2013 and 2012, HKA Enterprises received Supplier Excellence Awards.

“Agile-1 and HKA Enterprises have a long-standing,

strategic partnership. Social responsibility is at the core of our synergetic culture, allowing us to give back to our communities. We commend the senior leadership of Agile-1 in their tireless efforts to promote many community service endeavors worldwide,” said Bruce Clayman, Executive and Board Member of HKA Enterprises.

About HKA Enterprises

HKA Enterprises is a global talent acquisition and workforce solutions firm serving the Architecture & Engineering, Power, Automotive, and Pharmaceutical industries.

HKA Enterprises is proud to be a Cenergy Partners company.

About Agile-1

Agile-1 solves workforce challenges by combining innovative technologies and programs with experienced industry professionals to deliver a suite of total workforce solutions. We maximize the value of your workforce by decreasing liability and overhead. Workforce challenges. Solved. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram @Agile1Global.

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